About Us

Westwood Cultural Centre is a vital part of the work of West Plains Foundation. Located in the heart of Calgary in close proximity to the University, the Centre is accessible to a number of female students who benefit from the programs and activities on offer. 

As a cultural center, Westwood seeks to strengthen and support that part of today’s culture which is eminently positive, pro-woman, and pro-community, nurturing however, those cultural landmarks inherited from the Western Christian Culture.

Whether you are a young student, a new mother, or a successful businesswoman, we look forward to seeing you at one of our activities.

Coming to Westwood every Friday has given me the opportunity to grow as a young woman and to learn how to learn. This past year, I got to volunteer as a mentor at the Aretina Girls’ Club. I had never gotten to do anything like it, and it inspired me to learn about these young girls and help them set goals for the month that would help them improve in their daily lives. Thank you to all the ladies at Westwood that gave me new insight on how to manage my time, taking care of my soul, and the importance of learning.
Margaret M., (High School Student)